Turbo Supply in Lancashire

Turbo Supply in LancashireTurbo supply in Lancashire is offered by Fuel Injection Services. With over 50 years in fuel injection services we have built up a solid reputation for quality service delivery. Our staff are highly trained and are qualified diesel technicians and mechanics and help our customers to optimise the performances of their vehicles by working on lowering fuel emissions and getting the best fuel consumption possible. Diesel engines are manufactured with a turbo charger which provides extra power and allows the engines to run cleaner. To add to our already outstanding services we have begun offering reconditioned as well as new units for our customers. The new units carry a 2 year warranty and most of the reconditioned units do as well. This is a very cost effective manner to keep your diesel vehicle running more powerfully and cleaner for longer.

In Lancashire, turbo supply is one of many services offer by Fuel Injection Services. We are expert in fuel pump and injector repairs for any diesel engine from antique diesel vehicles to the most modern diesel truck. We can offer you a fuel pump and injector test that will tell us what needs repairing and we can then discuss the options and come up with a cost-effective solution. Our highly sophisticated diesel diagnostic machines will aid our technicians in ascertaining the cause of the problem quickly and accurately and with their years of experience, they will be able to either replace or repair the faulty module.

Turbo supply in Lancashire is essential for, amongst others, the agricultural and transport industries. We can test and service, repair or replace the fuel injectors and common rail pump. These units need regular maintenance and our special “clean workshop” has been designated for this purpose. We also carry out routine services on a wide range of diesel motors using manufacturers’ parts and specifications. A well looked after, regularly serviced diesel motor will last a lifetime. For more information about turbo supply, contact Fuel Injection Services.