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Fuel Injection Services has come a long way in 50 years. Formed in 1959 by Jack Freestone, Fuel Injection Services has built up a solid reputation for quality service delivery in the field of Fuel Injection Services in the Northwest. As diesel powered vehicles and applications increased in popularity over the years, the company has fought hard to maintain strong prominence in the field, expanding into a new location in 1992.

Our continuing investment in people and technology keep us at the forefront of servicing the modern diesel engine. Our customers still look for greater efficiency, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. They expect us to have an eye for any development which impacts favorably on their operating costs.
We are pleased to announce that Mal & his staff at Burscough Garage are now part of
Fuel Injection Services.
We are really looking forward to developing a bright new future, which allows us to enhance our business and welcome all his customers under the umbrella of Fuel Injection Services.

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Common Rail

What is Common Rail?

Common Rail Pump Repair

There are times when a Common Rail pump can be repaired rather than replaced.

Fuel Pump Repair

Fuel Injection Service are able to carry out test and repair procedures.

Common Rail Injector Repair

Injectors are a vital component within the common rail system

Turbo Supply

Turbo Replacement is significantly increasing in demand.

Diesel Diagnostics

Diesel Diagnostics

Most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling, when the orange” engine management warning lamp” starts flashing on the Dashboard.

Vehicle Servicing

Using the latest technologies available, Fuel Injection Services can offer competitive vehicle servicing packages to all vehicle makes and models.

Diesel Particulate Filter Refurbishment

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter? A Diesel Particulate Filter is a device fitted to a modern diesel vehicles exhaust system which filters particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gases.


DPF Cleaning in Liverpool

Hybrid Car Specialist in Ormskirk

Get the best of both worlds with help from the best hybrid car specialist in Ormskirk  at Fuel Injection Services.


Hybrid Car Specialist in Wigan

Get a top-quality hybrid car specialist in Wigan to partner you in your bid to do your bit for the environment.

Hybrid Car Specialist in Formby

We are the hybrid car specialist in Formby as well as having many years experience in service and repairs to other types of vehicles.

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