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Fuel Injection Services has come a long way in 50 years. Formed in 1959 by Jack Freestone, Fuel Injection Services has built up a solid reputation for quality service delivery in the field of Fuel Injection Services in the Northwest. As diesel powered vehicles and applications increased in popularity over the years, the company has fought hard to maintain strong prominence in the field, expanding into a new location in 1992.

Our continuing investment in people and technology keep us at the forefront of servicing the modern diesel engine. Our customers still look for greater efficiency, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. They expect us to have an eye for any development which impacts favorably on their operating costs.

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Common Rail

What is Common Rail?

Common Rail Pump Repair

There are times when a Common Rail pump can be repaired rather than replaced.

Fuel Pump Repair

Fuel Injection Service are able to carry out test and repair procedures.

Common Rail Injector Repair

Injectors are a vital component within the common rail system

Turbo Supply

Turbo Replacement is significantly increasing in demand.

Diesel Diagnostics

Diesel Diagnostics

Most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling, when the orange” engine management warning lamp” starts flashing on the Dashboard.

Vehicle Servicing

Using the latest technologies available, Fuel Injection Services can offer competitive vehicle servicing packages to all vehicle makes and models.

Diesel Particulate Filter Refurbishment

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter? A Diesel Particulate Filter is a device fitted to a modern diesel vehicles exhaust system which filters particulate matter (PM) from exhaust gases.



Trusted, Professional Fuel Injector Testing in Appley Bridge

Top Fuel Injector Repair in Aughton, Reliability at Its Best

DPF Cleaning in Liverpool

Fuel Injector Testing in Leyland for Your Car’s Performance

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Fuel Injection Services is rated 4.64 out of 5.0 stars based on 14 review(s).


After 6 months of fuel delivery problems, almost every component replaced, my Mercedes E270 was still cutting out. Two Mercedes Independent technicians, in the politest possibe way, told me to go elsewhere. They couldn't help further, or introduce me to someone who could, So, starting from scratch, I found Fuel Injection Services by internet search, I took the vehicle in by appointment. Their diagnostics (clearly superior to Mercedes Star) pinpointed a simple connection fault at the sensors, caused by loose pins, which was swiftly fixed. I am so grateful to this company for its expertise and effectiveness. These guys really are specialists, their name should be known by every garage in the region, as referral to a specialist can save months of inconvenience and thousands of wasted expenses, which I will have to put down to experience, I would recommend this company to anyone,

- david taylor


Had problems with loss of power and Engine light on indicating a fault recently on my 3.0 V6 2008 and Vauxhall Vectra and took it into Steve at Fuel Injection Services. Once again they diagnosed it and fitted several sensors on the Fuel Injection system and it’s now running lovely again. I was advised by Vauxhall and the main dealers Perry’s to scrap this car 3 years ago as the parts weren’t available and here it is still running and is great. Thanks again to Steve and the team for fixing it. David Mann.

- David Mann


put my car in this garage today for a health check .i found the manager very helpful .he phoned me back after a few hours said i could pick my car back up . after his diagnostic check he told me there was nothing wrong with my car all codes were fine .when i went for my car he gave me the keys and never charged me anything . i told him he was a very honest guy and that others would have tried to get as much from me as possible . so i would highly recommend this garage to anyone .very fair and very friendly . thanks again .

- frank Phillips


Took my Sprinter to Marus Bridge Service Centre – Five Ramps and a Pit, one of the Elite Garages in Wigan that I have used in the past. Diesel Leaking from my Injection Pump and because it is a 1998 Sprinter, they said ‘No Chance, too old’. One by one I exhausted the Wigan Garages, ‘Fair Play’ these are Mechanics and I need a Diesel Technician – So guided me to Alco Diesel Injection Specialists claiming on their Website; repairs to hgv's, plant, marine, agriculture, cars & industrial engines from the 1950's. I turned up unannounced at their Door and the Tech came out, took one look at my Sprinter and said ‘No Chance’ we do not do anything that size!!! Then I noticed just over Alco Rooftop next door a Garage several times Bigger signed ‘Fuel Injection Services’ – The rest is History, everyone said “No” and Fuel Injection Services didn’t even flinch at ‘22 year old 1998 Merc Sprinter’. They said £650 Guestimate – I picked up today and was presented the Billing for £148, they said upon investigation it was a much lesser Job for Tech Steve McCall. Don’t expect friendly, they aren’t your friends, nevertheless these are the Tech’s that get the Job done when everyone else said ‘No’

- Mark


Last week, I had decide to sort out an carbissue, asked my usual garage and they recommended Steve and his crew.. I went along, 10 minutes of testing - fault found. Advice was given and interim quote on cost given. Nice quote. Booked it.. drove in. Time estimates given were beaten. Customer service was brilliant. Cost was decidely lower ... these guys know their onions... Coming back for more and sending out details to all my friends ( neighbour works for a local car dealership)

- Brian Johnson


Over the last 15 months my daughters car has been off the road because of an unknown fault. My first instinct was to call out the AA and after several attempts it still wouldn’t start, they did however take Meadows M.O.T test centre. After they tried very genuine helpful people I might add they suggested Burscough Fuel Services. They collected the car fixed the fuel issues and even M.O.T’d it and brought it back to us all within a couple of days lm eternally grateful to them for all they’ve done for me l highly recommend them they certainly know their job thank you lads and a big thank you to Steve the manager for all his help Val bailey

- Margaret bailey


Top guys fixed my vauxhall van was desperate..great price great job can't thank them enough

- Rory


Had my Vauxhall Vectra V6 Diesel repaired and serviced by Fuel Injection Services’s and air conditioning repaired. This car has a 3.0 ltr Isuzu engine in it and the Vauxhall dealers are frightened to death of it. Steve fitted an EGR Valve to it which was in short supply and did several other jobs as listed to it. Done a great job and it’s running lovely again. No job seems to baffle them and they fix it every time. I recommend them and I would not take my car anywhere else now. Thanks Steve.

- Dave Mann


This is how you provide a great service, thats how you do a proper job. Merc Vito W639 rear injector seal, a carboned up mess. Took them only hours I wouldnt use anyone else! Peace of mind and great value. A***

- Marley K


A very professional and speedy service, identifying a fault and repairing our Citroen C5. Highly recommended.

- Delaney


Booked my 206 in with injector seals leaking. Very quick turn around and was cheaper than quoted! Very professional, was recommended to me and I would recommend to you.

- Mr Dobson


Booked my 206 in with injector seals leaking. Very quick turn around and was cheaper than quoted! Very professional, was recommended to me and I would recommend to you.

- Mr Dobson


Amazing place. Broken fuel injector was sorted and car was back on the road within 48 hrs. Highly recommended .

- Sammy Mack