Nissan X Trail Cutting Out At Idle Speed in Liverpool

Nissan X Trail cutting out at Idle Speed in LiverpoolThe Nissan X Trail cutting out at idle speed in Liverpool isn’t a downside of this crossover SUV but rather an indication that something is amiss. There are a few reasons why a car stalls when idling at a stop street for instance. Low automatic transmission fluid levels, gas which contains too much moisture, a worn timing belt, a distributor coil which is cracked or clogged air and fuel filters are common causes. Fuel Injection Services has a solid reputation of quality and professionalism in the Northwest. Their fully trained technicians make use of the latest technologies available and offer vehicle servicing packages to all vehicle makes and models.

In Liverpool, a Nissan X Trail cutting out at idle speed needs to be looked at by an experienced mechanic. Fuel Injection Services have more than 50 years’ experience servicing different industries and can assist with all aspects of fuel pump and injector repair. The skilled team offer a fuel pump and injector test service so that they can offer the most cost effective repair solution to their Nissan customers.

If a  Nissan X Trail cutting out at idle speed in Liverpool, the capable team at Fuel Injection Services are able to offer a full test and remanufacturing service on nearly all types of cars, SUVs and trucks. All injector remanufacturing is carried out by fully trained technicians making use of genuine repair parts. Receiving support from major diesel manufacturers, the experienced technicians of Fuel Injection Services have broad knowledge when it comes to diagnosing diesel related faults quickly. All vehicle diagnostic work is carried out while keeping the drivers totally informed about their findings. Once the diagnostic test is complete, the skilled team prepares a quote, with no work being carried out until authorisation from the customer to go ahead is received. If your Nissan X Trail is cutting out at idle speed, contact Fuel Injection Services.