Keep Your Vehicle on Track with Professional Car Servicing in Westhead

Car Servicing in WestheadIf you have a diesel engine then car servicing in Westhead at Fuel Injection Services is ideal. We specialise in diesel engines just as we’ve done for the last half century. And, now we include Hybrid cars as well. You don’t last fifty years in this business by standing still. We maintain our leadership position by investing in the technology, training and technicians that will keep us at the number one spot for diesel service and repair. That’s good news for our customers because they’re always on the look-out for greater performance and lower fuel consumption. Along with that we offer the garage services that will maintain your engine and extend the life of your car. The modern diesel engine is where we excel. 

There are auto maintenance and repair services that owners of diesel vehicles soon familiarise themselves. In Westhead, car servicing of diesel engines has a specific focus. One reason for that is the importance of the exhaust system that expels toxins through the exhaust system. That’s what the diesel engine’s common rail system does and it’s important to keep it well maintained. Often when the common rail pump fails, we can replace it which will cost less than a new replacement. The diesel particulate filter is another example of advanced technology used to offer clean emissions. It’s a self-cleaning part when all goes well. When it malfunctions, we can get you back on the road quickly. 

Another of our specialised car servicing in Westhead involves the turbo. This is how you get the boost you need when you need it while still holding on to fuel economy. All diesel specific services and diagnostics, along with those that apply to all car engines make up our comprehensive service packages at Fuel Injection Services. Our skilled and experienced technicians along with our cutting edge diagnostic and repair teams will keep your diesel engine at peak performance. Contact Fuel Injection Services and schedule your diesel or hybrid vehicle in for service that is comprehensive but also diesel specific. We’re independent so we have a lot of flexibility to ensure you get the best possible price for your diesel service and repair.