Hybrid Car Specialists in Lancashire

Hybrid Car Specialists in LancashireFuel Injection Services is now the hybrid car specialists in Lancashire. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows we’ve been around for over fifty years. If we’re not moving forward, we are moving backward and that’s never been our style. If it was we wouldn’t still be in business. So, moving forward we come to Hybrid cars. Designed to use less fuel by incorporating an electric motor as an assist, hybrids have caught the attention of environmentally sensitive drivers who also like to save money on fuel costs, especially if the fuel is diesel. Fuel efficiency is not always the reason drivers choose hybrid cars. Some high end performance cars use the fuel engine and electric motor for high performance.

What doesn’t change stays the same and hybrid cars still have fuel injectors and that is still our speciality. In Lancashire, hybrid car specialists at Fuel Injection Services have just added one more variable to our extensive skill set. Our diagnostic equipment is kept up to date and our technicians are too. We can diagnose and repair whatever made that engine light come on. Between diagnosis and repair is one important step. We prepare a complete cost estimate for your approval before we move on to repair. It’s your car and we believe you should be informed about the cause of the problem and the need for repair. No matter the make or model of your car, hybrid or not, we carry out full service and maintenance according to the manufacturers specifications.

All of our many other specialist services are still available and now we add hybrid car specialists in Lancashire to further our customer service. Contact Fuel Injection Services for fuel pump repair, common rail repair, turbo supply and now hybrid car servicing and repair. We have a big foundation of knowledge that has been steadily built upon as new innovations are introduced by the automobile industry. We are always looking forward to what comes next and prepare ourselves with the knowledge and training needed to specialise in that area with full understanding. We then pass that knowledge along to our customers so they have a better understanding of how best to care for their cars.