Hybrid Car Specialist in Ormskirk

Hybrid Car Specialist in OrmskirkIf you own a hybrid car, to keep it running at top performance you need a hybrid car specialist in Ormskirk. This is especially true of fuel injection services which you may not think is a big deal in a hybrid. Well, we got rid of the carburettor which was always prone to getting gunked up and replaced it with fuel injectors which give us less grief, cleaner air and terrific gas mileage. But we still need to clean and maintain fuel injectors to remove impurities that wear out engine parts and lower our gas mileage; even hybrid cars. You’ll see additives on the shelf at stores touting the wonders of its ability to clean your fuel injectors and increase your gas mileage by 20%. All you have to do is open the container and pour the contents into your hybrid gas tank.

We take a different approach; one that actually works. In Ormskirk, our hybrid car specialist offers a few warning signs of a dirty fuel system. You might notice a slight delay between the time you turn the key and the actual start, stutter starts and lower gas mileage are all signs of a dirty fuel system. Air filter replacement is probably necessary too. If you want to know how often to bring your car in for fuel injection maintenance and cleaning, you’ll find the appropriate schedule in your owner’s manual. Or, just bring your car to us. We have the fuel system cleaning schedules set by the manufacturer of most cars, including hybrids. Follow their recommendations and let our professional technicians use our proven techniques and cleaning formulas to prolong the life of your fuel system.

In order to protect your car’s engine, our hybrid car specialist in Ormskirk will perform a thorough and professional cleaning. We use professional tools and chemical solutions designed to clean your system of impurities and thick gunk but there’s more. Our fuel injector cleaning includes protection from rust and corrosion that leads to costly repairs and shortens the life of your engine. At the same time we are lubricating those engine parts. Contact Fuel Injection Services and schedule a service cleaning for your hybrid. You will notice the difference in your car’s performance.