Hybrid Car Specialist in Halsall

Hybrid Car Specialist in HalsallYou are right to seek out a hybrid car specialist in Halsall for fuel injection services. Our company, Fuel Injection Services, has been established since 1959 so you know we’ve seen some changes in the industry. Through the decades, we’ve invested in the flow of technology with training and equipment so we’re always at the top of the automotive industry’s newest innovations. Hybrid cars are not exactly new. The late 1800’s and early 1900’s saw electric cars used by the London Electric Cab Company. Around the same time German engineer Ferdinand Porsche built his first car which was electric. Then he built his second car which was the first ever hybrid. The technology used then with the primary being batteries and secondary being fuel, is still in use today.

Fossil fuels won out to power the surge of private vehicles that flooded world automotive markets. Now in Halsall, hybrid car specialist Fuel Injection Services customers are frequently hybrid car owners. The world is working to lower its carbon footprint and we are equipped to service them. Because hybrids use the combustion engine and electric motors, overall vehicle weight is reduced which reduces fuel usage. More fuel is saved through the recapture process during braking instead of being wasted by converting the kinetic energy into electricity. The result is significant fuel savings and lower emissions. Whether your vehicle uses petrol or diesel, we are among the leaders in fuel injection service and repairs for hybrid vehicles.

As your hybrid car specialist in Halsall, we at Fuel Injection Services wish to emphasize the similarities between hybrid and single fuel vehicles. They both need expert regular maintenance, service and occasionally repairs. When you select us to care for your hybrid you can be confident that our comprehension of the hybrid system is complete. We continue to invest in technology and talent as the market demands to provide professional service for the latest innovations as they become available. Contact Fuel Injection Services and book your next hybrid service with us. To be truly fuel efficient your hybrid must maintain peak performance. That’s what you’ll get at Fuel Injection Services.