Hybrid Car Specialist in Eccleston

Hybrid Car Specialist in BurscoughAt Fuel Injection Services we are now  hybrid car specialists in Eccleston.Who knew back in 1959 when we established our business the modern diesel engine vehicle would one day be a Hybrid? Maybe we didn’t know then but through the decades we have stayed relevant so moving into hybrids is a natural progression.  Diesel engines are efficient and long lasting. Now that hybrid manufacturers are using durable battery packs it only makes sense to combine the two for clean burning and efficient mileage. Like any other diesel engine, those operating a hybrid car need specialised care. We’re doing what we’ve always done by becoming the experts on these fuel injected diesel engines.

Diesel hybrid engines still have a dash warning light requiring diagnostics. Fuel injectors, particulate filters and common rail pumps still need servicing in Eccleston; our hybrid car specialists are still equipped with the latest technology to get the job done right. Our competitively priced vehicle servicing packages still covers all makes and models; we’ve just added hybrids to the list. All service and repair is performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications for parts and service. Scheduling your hybrid diesel car for regular, methodical service is still necessary to maintain a top performing vehicle. You may never have to worry about a hybrid jumping the line since they are not performance vehicles. However, what they lack in horsepower they make up for in endurance. That is why drivers love them.

Don’t think you have to go looking for another service garage with a hybrid car specialist in Eccleston. If you traded in your 4WD diesel truck for a diesel hybrid car, we still want to be your car’s best friend. Contact us or bring your hybrid to the specialists at Fuel Injection Services at the first sign of trouble. That first sign is usually a dash light so we’ll troubleshoot using the latest in diagnostic equipment. Repairs are made with more of the same expertise we’re famous for and customer service still comes first. You will be given our price after diagnosis but before we perform any repairs.