Fuel Pump Repair in Preston

Fuel Pump Repair in PrestonFuel pump repair in Preston can be quick and easy. With over 50 year of experience in the industry, we can repair all types of fuel pumps and injectors from vintage tractors to the most modern diesel models. We have all the correct machinery and tools as well as the expertise to effect any repair. If you suspect the fuel pump may be worn we can test the unit for you and once we have established what the problem is we will discuss the most cost effective solution with you. We need to test the unit as there could be a problem with the injectors as opposed to the pump. The whole unit together makes up the common rail diesel pump and injector system. This is found in most modern vehicles. If you have an older vehicle it may have a mechanical pump. This works on the old method with a diaphragm. Although a more simple machine spares are sometimes difficult to find.

When your diesel vehicle starts to cough and splutter in Preston, fuel pump repairs may be necessary. Once we have tested the various parts of the common rail pump and found the fuel pump to be faulty there are three options. The first is to fix the pump, the second is to swap the pump for a reconditioned unit and the third is to purchase a new fuel pump. Our highly qualified technicians will advise you on the best option. There may be too much damage to fix the pump effectively. This would just cause further problem down the line. A fully reconditioned pump is a good option if you are looking to save money but ultimately the best option would be to buy a new pump with a long guarantee.

Fuel pump repair in Preston can be undertaken by our highly qualified technicians. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and let us examine your common rail pump. We will offer you the best option on replacement or repair.