DPF Removal in Hoscar

DPF Removal in HoscarWe see car owners that are considering or have done DPF removal in Hoscar That is not a wise choice for the handling of soot build up in your diesel particulate filter (DPF). These filters were designed and approved to decrease emission pollutants from our air. Removing the filter is illegal. The reason some car owners remove the filter is clogging that leads to poor engine performance. The filter needs to be periodically cleaned of the soot build up through regeneration, which is simply using a high temperature to burn off the soot, turning it into gas. As a car owner, if you neglect this maintenance procedure or if you have a fuel system fault, the filter may become obstructed with the soot. The result may lead to expensive replacement of the filter or even a damaged engine.

Fuel Injection Services has been on the leading edge of new developments in diesel engines for 50 years. In Hoscar, DPF removal is not recommended. We now have another option besides filter replacement because we have partnered with the company, Ceramex. Ceramex developed a successful process for refurbishing the filters. They have patented the process, calling it Xpurge and we now use it at Fuel Injection Services. The procedure clears the soot and particles trapped in the filter so well; it looks like new. It has been tested over the last 15 years commercially and found to be safe for your car. So, if your car is chugging and sputtering get it to us for a filter refurbishment before the old filter commits serious damage.

At Fuel Injection Services, we invest in technical training, technology and processes like Xpurge Ceramex to avoid DPF removal in Hoscar and replacement. You can depend on our experience with diesel engines and our continuously updated diagnostic equipment to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance. Contact Fuel Injection Services and make an appointment to bring your car or truck in for a diesel particulate filter check. Regular filter regeneration to remove soot build up should keep the filter clear. If that doesn’t do the job, you have another option besides replacement with Xpurge Ceramex.