DPF Faults in Warrington

DPF Faults in WarringtonDPF faults in Warrington can’t be ignored indefinitely or you will find yourself stranded with a broken down vehicle.  DPF faults left unattended can be a costly mistake. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is very expensive to replace so you want to heed the warnings the filter is not functioning efficiently. You may notice a loss of horsepower and likely poor fuel efficiency. Most diesel vehicles are equipped with an in-dash warning light. When the light comes on the filter is not working to filter out particles and that is probably because it’s clogged. If it’s clogged, that’s because it is not regenerating or cleaning itself.

The first thing we do in Warrington for DPF faults is run diagnostics to make sure it’s a clogged filter and not some other problem. The codes will tell us if the problem is the DPF and also what the soot levels are. We specialise in diesel engines and our experience in the business is second to none. If the DPF is not regenerating on its own we have to find out why and we will. Likely the basic service of cleaning the filter is all that’s needed to put you back on the road. We will also get to the cause of why the system did not regenerate or clean the filter on its own. Usually the cause is short trip in-town driving. Once the cause is determined to be a clogged filter, don’t wait to have it serviced. We are set up in our facility to perform this maintenance service without delay.

We often get queries about DPF faults in Warrington. Customers will question why the filters are needed. Some will request we remove them so they are not bothered by them anymore. Our shop technicians will never remove the filter. It’s illegal. The filter is there to trap environmental pollutants so they don’t escape into the air. It’s true you might get more horsepower out of your engine without the filter. The difference is not great. What is great is we have a way to trap those pollutants and usually the vehicle exhaust system will clean the filter itself. When you get a fault light warning, contact Fuel Injection Services and we’ll find the cause. A little maintenance will save you a lot of money.