DPF Faults in Liverpool

DPF Faults in LiverpoolDPF faults in Liverpool could cause your vehicle to emit unwanted diesel particulate matter into the air.  Emissions are strictly controlled and this could lead to a fine. Diesel particulate filters usually remove 85 % or more of the soot produced by the engine. This can sometimes even approach 100 %. Some filters are designed to be replaced when they are full of ash and others burn off the ash through the use of a catalyst or by means of a fuel burner that heats the filter to soot combustion temperatures. This is accomplished by engine programming which runs when the filter is full. Fuel is allowed into the exhaust to react with a catalyst element to burn off the soot in the filter.

If your diesel vehicle is puffing smoke from the exhaust in Liverpool, DPF faults may be the cause. Cleaning is required as part of regular maintenance and must be done carefully, preferably by a professional to avoid any damage to the filter. If the fuel injectors or turbo charger is faulty it can result in contamination of the filter with raw diesel or engine oil which needs to be removed. If the vehicle is regularly driven in low speed environments it will accumulate soot at a high rate and will need to be drive at higher speeds periodically to enable the filter to self clean.

We sort out DPF faults in Liverpool. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and arrange for us to test your diesel vehicle for emission levels. Our business has been running successfully for over 50 years. In this time we have gained extensive knowledge in the repair and maintenance of diesel motors. We make sure that our technicians are kept up to date with all the new technological innovations with training courses on the latest developments. We are at the forefront of servicing modern diesel engines. As we deal extensively with customers who have to have their vehicles on the road we have made sure that our service and repair is as fast as possible.