DPF Faults in Liverpool

DPF Faults in LiverpoolMost drivers are unaware what DPF faults in Liverpool are until one becomes necessary. The DPF or diesel particulate filter is located within the exhaust system of a diesel-powered vehicle. These have been put in place since 2009. Its jobs is to capture particles caused by combustion processes. This prevents harmful chemicals and smoke from being released into the air. With time, the DPF gets clogged with soot. However your car cleans this soot by heating it up and turning it to ash and ejecting it. This process occurs every 300 miles or so.  Sometimes a regeneration doesn’t finish, causing the DPF to get partially blocked. This is when an orange light will turn on in the instrument cluster. What should you do if this light comes on?

For car owners in Liverpool, DPF faults are repaired or replaced at Fuel Injection Services. We’re the leading experts in diesel powered vehicles. As a result we are capable of spotting the root cause of the issue and remedying it rather quickly. Our team attends to many vehicles with problematic DPFs. In most cases, the warning lamp has come on for some time, but the driver has chosen to ignore it. After some time and after accumulating significant soot, their cars stop working altogether. However when the car has reached this stage, the DPF needs to be replaced. One can cost £1000, sometimes more. Had the driver paid attention in the beginning, this costly wouldn’t be necessary. When you bring your vehicle in to our garage, we have one goal: to fix the problem efficiently and get you back on the road. This is our service guarantee.

If the warning light is showing up on your dash board, you are likely experiencing DPF faults in Liverpool. Do not ignore this light. Take your vehicle in to a reliable garage. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and have your filter repaired immediately. You’ll be glad you did!