DPF Cleaning in Warrington

DPF Cleaning in WarringtonIt may be time for a DPF cleaning in Warrington if you own a diesel vehicle and it is not performing as it should. DPF stands for diesel particulate filter; a device that removes soot or diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gases in a diesel engine. The DPF filter traps particles on a regular basis. This filter has to be cleaned out regularly to maintain optimal performance. There are two cleaning processes used to empty out a DPF filter. These are active regeneration and passive regeneration. In both procedures, the accumulated matter is burned off at high temperatures, leaving behind a residue of ash. To get either procedure performed on your vehicle, you must take your vehicle in to a garage that specialises in diesel vehicles.

If you live in Warrington, DPF cleaning services can be obtained from Fuel Injection Services. Our company formed more than fifty years ago and has since then developed a reputation for providing quality diesel engine services. The number of diesel powered automobiles and their related applications have grown considerably in the last few years. As a result, we strive to maintain a strong position in the industry by always staying on top of the latest technological advances. Due to the increase in demand for our services, we’ve expanded to a new address. We offer a whole host of services designed to keep your diesel vehicle in top working order. Some of these services include fuel pump repair, common rail injector repair, common rail pump repair, diesel diagnostics, vehicle servicing, including diesel particulate filter cleaning and refurbishment. DPF cleaning is one of our specialisations. Most garages replace the DPF unit if a blockage is present. At Fuel Injection, we offer a much better alternative: refurbishment.

If your diesel particulate filter is blocked, it is time to opt for DPF cleaning in Warrington. Give us a call today at Fuel Injection Services if you would like more information on DPF cleaning. Bring your vehicle down to us and we’ll fix it right up. You will immediately experience improved fuel economy and better driving capability.