DPF Cleaning in Rufford

DPF Cleaning in RuffordIf you would like to know how DPF cleaning in Rufford will benefit your vehicle, call fuel Injection Services. A diesel particulate filter cleaner aims to give your engine a good clean from the inside out. It is a chemical treatment and helps to reduce the soot emissions caused by your engine, and will regenerate the diesel particulate filter and will also clean away any existing soot particles. If you are aware of the benefits of a DPF cleaning but aren’t sure if this treatment is necessary for your vehicle, our skilled technicians can answer any of your queries.

For your diesel engine in Rufford, DPF cleaning is recommended for a number of reasons. A cleaning will help reduce fuel consumption and will also help make the DPF last longer which means you won’t have to pay for an expensive new filter sooner than expected. The cleaner works extremely quickly, so you won’t have to sit around and wait to see the results. While the cleaner is easy to use, our technicians ensure that the correct amount is poured into the fuel tank. They will then drive your vehicle keeping the revs at between 2 and 2.5 rpm. This will give the cleaner sufficient time to work its way to the DPF and to help to burn off any excess soot that has collected there.

DPF cleaning in Rufford is recommended to keep your diesel engine in good condition. DPF cleaning can restore engine performance, increase fuel efficiency, reduce regeneration, extend the filter life and overall reduce down time and maintenance costs. For more information about DPF cleaning, contact Fuel Injection Services. As the North West’s leading diesel specialist, we can assist you with any repairs, maintenance or servicing for your diesel engine. We have over 50 years of experience in the repair and servicing of diesel systems. Keep your car in excellent condition with DPF cleaning from our leading garage.