DPF Cleaning in Ormskirk


Do you require a DPF Cleaning In Ormskirk specialist to look into your exhaust system problems effectively and professionally? at Fuel Injection Services, you’ll deal with the North West’s leading diesel specialists who have-for over 50 years-been a reliable source for all aspects regarding diesel engines providing tailored solutions that are cost-effective to the vehicle owner.

In Ormskirk and throughout the region, Fuel Injection provide a substantial DPF cleaning service that can eradicate the problem of excessive soot that builds up in diesel vehicle exhaust systems, leading to affected vehicle performance and subsequently serious cost implications to rectify; in cases replacing the whole Diesel Particulate Filter. Fuel Injection offer a verified solution that means replacement is not necessary through their ‘refurbishment’ procedure.

Fuel Injection’s DPF Cleaning in Ormskirk works in collaboration with Ceramex: international leaders in DPF refurbishment. Their experience-they have been refurbing for over 15 years in which time they have cleaned well over 100,00 units-has seen them patent the ‘xpurge’ procedure which has gone through rigorous testing and standards to become vehicle manufacturers’ preferred service provider.

Cleaning and restoring the DPF filter to new levels of cleanliness, Ceramex is the ‘only’ service that comes with a 12 month or 12,000 mile free clean warranty.