DPF Cleaning in Liverpool

DPF Cleaning in LiverpoolDPF cleaning in Liverpool can keep your vehicle in mint running condition. Fuel Injection Services has more than half a century of experience in diesel systems repair and we’ve kept abreast of all the latest developments in the field since we first began operations in 1959. We believe that a continuous investment in technology and people is the way to stay afloat in this highly competitive and evolving sector. Servicing modern diesel automobiles for us is a complete package that includes fuel efficiency, lower diesel bills and the best possible eco-friendly compliance. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filter that’s designed to remove the particulate matter from diesel and/or soot from the exhaust gas of diesel engines. They can almost completely remove harmful soot from the engine and some of them are designed to do it passively through a catalyst or actively with a fuel burner.

For vehicle owners in Liverpool, DPF cleaning should be part of the periodic servicing and maintenance schedule of your vehicle. If you drive at slow speeds in city traffic, the DPF gets dirty and clogged very fast. This build-up affects your engine’s performance. Particulate matter is an end product of the action of the combustion engine. The composition of these particles depends on the age, engine type, specifications for emission control that the engine meets etc. Drivers who ignore the DPF warning light could end up spoiling the DPF and resulting in the need for expensive replacement. Regular cleaning helps to remove accumulated matter. However, it has to be done by knowledgeable and experienced experts to avoid damaging the filter.

At Fuel Injection Services, we can also advise you that DPF cleaning in Liverpool also has certain legal implications above the obvious social and health aspects. Non-use of a DPF makes your vehicle illegal for road use. We can help you stay compliant with current regulations. Our tried and tested Xpurge process cleans the filters thoroughly and restores them to pristine condition, so they’re as good as new. This process comes with a 12 month or 12,000 free mile guarantee. Contact us for more information about DPF cleaning. Keep your vehicle in excellent running condition with regular DPF cleaning.