DPF Cleaning in Blackpool

DPF Cleaning in BlackpoolWe all want to be environmentally responsible which is why DPF cleaning in Blackpool is essential. DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter and newer diesel fueled vehicles are equipped with these filters. They collect the carbon and ash residue from burning diesel fuel so it isn’t expelled into our environment. At various times these filters become clogged and need to be cleaned. Some diesel engine owners consider this practice a nuisance; so much so they remove the filter. Truthfully, if your filter is clogging up and requiring cleaning frequently you have another problem that needs to be addressed. Something in your engine is malfunctioning and while removing the filter will stop the need for a filter cleaning, it won’t repair the cause of the unusual build up.

Removing the filter is not only foolish and environmentally irresponsible it is illegal. In Blackpool, DPF cleaning may be necessary to pass the MOT. Remove the filter and you will not pass the MOT until the filter has been cleaned and replaced.  It’s just not a big deal and may only have to be done once depending on how long you keep your cars and trucks before replacing them. You can tell when it needs to be done by engine performance. Fuel Injection Services specialise in diesel engines and we know how to keep them operating at peak performance. When you bring your car or truck or tractor in for service, we will check the DPF filter. If it needs cleaning we have a safe and effective method.

Once upon a time DPF cleaning in Blackpool was not an option. If the filter clogged, then an expensive filter replacement was necessary. Contact Fuel Injection Services and discover that we use the highly tested and recommended Xpurge process by Ceramex. XPurge does more than clean the filters, it restores them to like new condition. Bring your vehicle to us if you notice a chug in the fuel line or a loss of power and we will check for a DPF build-up. We like the Ceramex system because it works so well but also because they offer a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty.