Diesel Diagnostics in Liverpool

Diesel Diagnostics in LiverpoolDiesel diagnostics in Liverpool is a time saving method of determining the fault in your vehicle. When the orange warning light comes on everyone starts to worry that the repairs will be costly and time consuming. Our diagnostic machine is suitable for most diesel engines. Once the machine has been connected to the vehicle the machine can read the on board computer and find out what the problem is. Our fully qualified diesel technicians can then work out which parts are faulty. Some parts can be repaired but others need to be replaced. We will offer a full quotation before starting on any repairs the vehicle may need.

When you have a problem with your vehicle in Liverpool, diesel diagnostics can find the problem quickly. The diagnostic machine can link in to many manufacturers data bases and find wiring diagrams or any other technical details that may be needed to efficiently repair your diesel vehicle. These machines have changed the face of workshops forever. We still need highly trained mechanics but they now also need to know how to operate a computer and have to know their way around electronics. The diagnostic machine can pick up any fault in the electronics in any of the systems that run the vehicle. Almost every system of a modern vehicle is controlled by electronics from the obvious things like the windows and lights to the fuel pressure and timing and the efficient running of the engine.

Diesel diagnostics in Liverpool is quick and easy. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and book your vehicle in for a service or just for general maintenance. We are one of the most comprehensive diesel workshops in the area. We have a special “clean” room for delicate work on the common rail systems which cannot be carried out in the general workshop as the parts are susceptible to dirt and dust. We have over 50 years of experience working on diesel engines and the knowledge and expertise gained during this time is invaluable.