Diesel Diagnostic Mercedes Specialist in Merseyside

Diesel Diagnostic Mercedes Specialist in MerseysideYou’ll be wanting your Mercedes serviced in the best repair facility and a diesel diagnostic Mercedes specialist in Merseyside provides well fitted out workshops which make use of the latest servicing and diagnostic facilities for your Mercedes Benz. Your German manufactured Mercedes Benz requires skilled technicians and auto electricians who work to repair your vehicle in accordance with Mercedes Benz’s servicing specifications. Fuel Injection Services was formed in 1959 and over the years they have built up a solid reputation in the Northwest, investing in technology so as to ensure they remain at the forefront of diesel engine servicing.

With a Merseyside diesel diagnostic Mercedes specialist, you don’t have to give up in despair when you see that dreaded orange engine management warning light flashing. Fuel Injection Services have fully equipped workshops rigged out with the latest diagnostic equipment. They check fuel problems in the engine, faulty ignition coils or an Evap leak in the vacuum system. With their tools they find out exactly where the problem lies, preventing customers from replacing unnecessary parts. The highly trained and skilled technicians understand how to diagnose diesel related faults without faltering. An addition to the workshops is a designated Common Rail Clean Room. This is a separate environment to reduce the chance of fuel system cross contamination. The Fuel Injection services team keep their customers constantly updated on what they find, and then prepare a quote, not starting with any repair work until receiving full authorisation for the go-ahead from the customer.

A diesel diagnostic Mercedes specialist in Merseyside accurately diagnoses and repairs any problem or engine fault your Mercedes is having. They have a thorough understanding of the complexities of diesel engines and deal with common problems such as blocked injectors and faulty fuel pumps. Because of their use of the latest technologies, owners of other vehicle makes and models call on them too for their vehicle servicing packages. The technicians make use of OE quality service parts from top brands such as Delphi and Bosch. Call them if you want your Mercedes to enjoy continued fuel economy and outstanding driving performance.