Diesel Diagnostic Garage in Wigan

Diesel Diagnostic Garage in WiganYour number one diesel diagnostic garage in Wigan is Fuel Injection Services. Sophisticated diagnostic equipment and technical backup from manufacturers is invaluable for leading mechanics to pinpoint trouble spots. Some owners of diesel engines figure when the orange dash light comes on, they can bring their vehicle in for a quick fix, because diesel engines are easier to fix. What is true is that diesel engines are often less complicated and we have terrific diagnostic equipment but you still need a mechanic to analyse the data and make repairs. Sometimes diagnostics just put you in the general vicinity, like injectors. A mechanic will have to dig deeper to identify the exact malfunction.

In Wigan, diesel diagnostic garage should be used for excellent service. Our mechanics like to “call it” when an engine comes in for repair. They still run it through diagnostics, they just like to beat the machine to a diagnosis. Through training and experience, our mechanics have a thorough understanding of how every part of a diesel engine operates as well as the reasons it might fail. The combination of old fashioned know how and technology works for the medical profession and it works for Fuel Injection Services as well. Fuel Injection Services even has a “Clean Room” for maintaining common rail fuel systems free of cross contamination of the fuel system.

When you choose a diesel diagnostic garage in Wigan, choose the experience of Fuel Injection Services. We have been in business for over fifty years. That is only possible because during all those years we have invested in new technology and training as it came along. We have moved with the industry but kept our commitment to customer service and fair pricing. As the North West’s leading diesel specialists, we can offer you a full service diesel engine garage. Once we diagnose your diesel engine we’ll write up a full estimate for repairs for your approval. We do nothing to your engine without your knowledge and approval. If we run into something new during a repair, you will be informed of the problem and any additional costs before we proceed. For a first class diesel diagnostic garage, contact Fuel Injection Services.