Diesel Diagnostic Garage in Leyland

Diesel Diagnostic Garage in LeylandIf you are looking for a leading diesel diagnostic garage in Leyland, speak to Fuel Injection Services. We are proud to have been operating for over 50 years. Our mechanics are well trained and experienced in the operation of new diesel engines and fuels. Diagnostics is how it’s done today so we can locate and repair or replace any parts that are causing your engine to operate below standards. Computerised electronic diagnostics is the only way to get at these engine parts. Computerising diesel engines was the way to meet EPA standards around the world. We moved with the trend and kept delivering superior service to our customers. We service all makes and models of diesel engines. We can test your injectors and your fuel pump to make sure your engine is running cleanly and efficiently.

We service all diesel engines used on the road, the water or the farm fields. In Leyland, a diesel diagnostic garage such as Fuel Injection Services have all the knowledge, experience and equipment to diagnose and repair your diesel engine. We do everything we can to stretch each litre of diesel fuel just a little further. That is why our customers come to us. They know our goals are the same as theirs which is more miles per gallon and cleaner air. In order to do that we continue to invest in technology and training for the future.

Our diesel diagnostic garage in Leyland recognised that turbo chargers fitted on all newer diesel engines has been critical for increasing power while lowering emissions. The turbo units wear out so we now have new and remanufactured replacement turbo units. Contact Fuel Injection Services for more information about a leading diesel diagnostic garage. For diagnostics, service and repair of your diesel engine bring it to Fuel Injection Services. We now use Xpurge to clean and restore your DPF filter to a like-new condition. We will provide you with an inspection report after refurbishing your DPF filter to confirm the new rate of air flow and how much debris was removed. We use Ceramex because it comes with a 12 month or 12,000-mile warranty.