Car Servicing in Holmeswood, Expert Quality at Affordable Prices

Car Servicing in HolmeswoodFor all car servicing in Holmeswood, Fuel Injector Services is the total package. We specialise in diesel and diesel hybrid engines but that does not preclude servicing petrol engines. On the contrary, servicing all engine types just makes us better in all areas. We are an independent garage and our prices are competitive except with dealer servicing garages. We don’t have to charge as much as dealers do. However, our expertise and dedication to carrying out service according to the manufacturing specifications is superior to most. Our garage has been established since 1959. Up until that time, diesel was primarily for commercial and farm equipment. We serviced those vehicles for our customers. It was in 1959 that we began using diesel fuel for autos. Still, petrol is still used in more than half the cars on the road today.

Today, we’re seeing more fully electric, hybrid electric with petrol or diesel. The bottom line is that in Holmeswood, car servicing at Fuel Injection Services is comprehensive. Our experience encompasses all the great new technology but we maintain our proficiency with all ages, models and fuel types. If you happen to have a diesel or a diesel hybrid, we have the additional expertise and equipment to service diesel particulate filters, pumps, common rail and diesel diagnostics. We keep our training up to date as new models and new technologies come to market in new cars.

When it comes to car servicing in Holmeswood,as well as diagnostics and repairs, we have all cars covered. We are customer service oriented, so we respect your time and keep to scheduled appointments. We talk to our customers. We explain each service package, it’s benefits and costs. You will know what the final cost is before we start. If we see anything during service that we think needs attention, we’ll tell you what it is, why it needs attention and give you a cost estimate. Contact Fuel Injection Services and schedule your car in for service. Our technicians are professionals and conscientious so no matter what kind of car you bring to us, service will be carried out accordingly.