Turbo Supply in Liverpool

Turbo supply in LiverpoolTurbo supply in Liverpool is best carried out by the best qualified and experienced professionals. We have over 50 years of experience with diesel engines and have a proven track record of excellent service and repair for our customers vehicles. Turbo chargers are becoming more popular because they provide more power, have far cleaner exhaust emissions and enhance fuel efficiency. We are very pleased to now be able to offer reconditioned or new units as replacements for worn turbo chargers. All of our new units and many of our reconditioned units offer a 2 year warranty. Fitting a turbo charger to your vehicle can give you the same power to weight ratio as an equivalent petrol engine and being very durable will last longer than a petrol engine.

In Liverpool, turbo supply is only one of the services offered by our highly qualified team. We also offer common rail pump repair. It is often possible to repair the rail pump rather than having to replace it and obviously costs a lot less. If it should prove impossible to repair we can offer a number of quality replacements. We can also often repair the common rail injectors which do wear over time. Your fuel injectors can be refurbished and reused instead of being replaced. The fuel pump can be tested and then if at all viable we can repair it and bring it back to its original state. With diesel vehicles it is often easier to repair parts instead of replacing them with costly new spares.

Turbo supply in Liverpool is one of the many improvements that can be made to your diesel vehicle. We have the latest available diesel diagnostics machines that enable is to quickly and competently identify and faults in the engine and fuel systems. We have a highly trained professional team who will service your vehicle and check that it is performing at the optimum efficiency. We have the ability to refurbish the diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system. This keeps the emissions as clean as possible. For more information about turbo supply, contact Fuel Injection Services.