Turbo Supply in Leyland

Turbo supply in LeylandTurbo supply in Leyland will increase the efficiency of your car. As all modern diesel engines have turbo chargers, the demand for turbo replacement is becoming more popular. Not only do turbo chargers assist with delivering extra power, they also allow engines to run cleaner. This means that the exhaust emissions are reduced. A turbocharged engine can generate as much as 7 times more power than a non-turbocharged engine, making vehicles more responsive and safer to drive. They also provide more fuel cost advantages. With a turbocharger in your vehicle, you will get a significant increase in horsepower. They also allow for smaller engine displacements to produce much more power relative to their size.

For your diesel vehicle in Leyland, turbo supply is available from Fuel Injection Services. You can rely on our expert technicians and mechanics to do the repair work or installation. We offer both new and service exchange turbo chargers from trusted suppliers such as Delphi, Mahle and Garrett. All of our new turbo units have a two year warranty. Founded in 1959, we have earned a solid reputation for providing top quality services in the fuel injection services industry. In 1992, we expanded to our current larger location. We continue to invest in people and technology to keep up with the ever changing technology in the diesel engine arena.

Turbo supply in Leyland will help increase the efficiency of your vehicle. Contact Fuel Injection Services if you are looking for more information on turbo supply. We are proud of our reputation for providing high quality workmanship and customer service. Other services we provide include fuel pump repair, turbo replacement, common rail injector repair and common rail pump repair. If you are looking for increased efficiency and performance for your car, bring it to Fuel Injection Services.