Professional Hybrid Car Specialist in Holmeswood to Assist You With Your Vehicle

Hybrid Car Specialist in HolmeswoodYour hybrid car specialist in Holmeswood is Fuel Injection Services. Although your hybrid car uses less petrol, the need to maintain your fuel injection system remains the same. If you are burning fuel then eventually there will be a build up of carbon deposits on your fuel injectors and fuel system. Fuel injection technology replaced the carburettor back in the 1980’s. That change simplified the maintenance of fuel systems and lessened harmful emissions. Still, for your combustion engine to perform efficiently, the combination of air and fuel must be optimal. Debris in the fuel system will decrease fuel efficiency and engine performance. Eventually, your engine may cease operating completely because it’s starved for fuel.

The good news is the need for fuel injector cleaning will likely only need to be carried out once during the time you own your car. For that one time service in Holmeswood, hybrid car specialist Fuel Injection Services, are the professionals you can trust to do the job right. Start watching for signs of carbon build-up in your fuel system at approximately 60,000 miles. The change is gradual, not sudden but you may notice a lack of power and poor fuel economy. When we remove the build-up, performance goes back to normal. An analogy would be running a cleaning solution through your drip coffee maker. The result is a quick strong flow of coffee into your cup instead of a slow drip. So it is when we use specialised tools and cleaners on your fuel system to dissolve the carbon build up.

A hybrid car specialist in Holmeswood undertakes the maintenance and repair of all parts and components for your hybrid car and your 100% fuel driven cars. New innovations, thankfully, are the norm for automobile manufacturers. It’s only reasonable that an auto maintenance and repair garage would be innovating and updating their own business acumen to stay relevant and that is exactly what we do at Fuel Injector Services. If you’re looking for a hybrid car specialist, contact us today. One day it’s carburettors, the next is fuel injectors and computerised components. Then hybrids come along and whatever the next thing is, we’re ready. So give us a call for all your automotive services