Hybrid Car Specialist in Wigan

Hybrid Car Specialist in WiganWe are considered by many to be the area’s leading hybrid car specialist in Wigan. The hybrid vehicle is usually a petroleum-electric car which uses an internal combustion engine and electric motors to power the vehicle. The energy is stored in the fuel and an electric battery set. There are many benefits of using a hybrid vehicle. In cities where there are millions of cars the smog caused by emissions can be a huge problem. Hybrid vehicles can run on electricity which is clean and emission free. Another benefit is that the vehicle uses less fuel as the engine charges the battery system which the runs the car with the stored power.

There are a number of manufacturers who are producing various types of commercial hybrid vehicles and in Wigan, hybrid car specialist teams are necessary for efficient service and repair of these vehicles. There are a number of different designs, from full hybrid to mild hybrid. In a parallel hybrid vehicle an electric motor and an internal combustion engine are coupled such that they can power the car either individually or together. We ensure that they are not only fuel efficient but also have a low level of emissions. Hybrid cars are the transport preference of the future and we have invested heavily in training our technicians to deal with this relatively modern phenomenon.

We are the hybrid car specialist in Wigan and surrounding areas. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and book your hybrid car in for a service or repair. Our company was established in 1959 and has built up an enviable reputation for quality service delivery in the ensuing years. Diesel powered vehicles have grown in popularity over the years and we have stayed at the forefront of all the technological innovations. We invest time and money in people and technology to ensure we remain one of the leading diesel garages in the North West. Our technicians are routinely trained in the newest developments and we have the latest state of the art machinery. We are pleased to announce that Burscough garage is now part of Fuel Injection Services.