Hybrid Car Specialist in Southport

Hybrid Car Specialist in SouthportFuel Injection Services is the premier hybrid car specialist in Southport for a number of reasons. We have been at the forefront of vehicular technology since our founding in 1959. As the world has progressed, so has our understanding of the industry and we are proud to say we are leading the way with hybrid servicing. Even though hybrid cars have been around for years, there aren’t many service centres that have jumped on the bandwagon. Our expert team have made sure they are up to date with the latest technological trends and have trained accordingly. Time flies by so quickly and a lot has changed in 50 years but Fuel Injection Services has evolved and adapted to every new development in the motoring industry.

We have been working with hybrids from the get-go and we will be able to help you with any issue that might crop up. While, in Stockport, hybrid car specialist service centres are few and far between and out of those few, we are the most reliable, efficient and friendly. Our extended experience with hybrid vehicles means we will be able to diagnose any problem and promptly correct it. A hybrid is serviced in much the same way as combustion engine vehicle except those doing the service needs to have advanced knowledge of electric motors, drive trains and onboard systems. The batteries are much bigger and are not the same as a regular car battery so for effective problem solving, extra training is required.

As the premier hybrid car specialist in Stockport, you can rest assured that your vehicle will have a full diagnostic, inside and out, as well as a complete test of the electrical systems and battery. Our extensive checklist will ensure that your car will receive the diligent care you would expect for any of your treasured possessions. If you want your hybrid serviced with a smile, contact Fuel Injection Services’ friendly team. Your car is our concern and we want our customers to have peace of mind it is in good hands.