Hybrid Car Specialist in Southport

Hybrid Car Specialist in SouthportAfter fifty years in the business of fuel injection services we are now your hybrid car specialist in Southport. You don’t stay in business for fifty years without keeping up with innovations in the automotive industry. We heard talk of electric cars for decades before they finally showed up on car lots. We’re glad they’re finally here as hybrids. It’s the right combination for practicality and environmental responsibility. The fuel injectors on hybrids need maintenance for peak performance just as 100% petrol cars do. We can now welcome our hybrid car owners to our garage and prepare for the next fifty years with expectations of marvels from the auto design engineers and manufacturers.

Our services at Fuel Injector Services is specialised and specific to diesel engine diagnostics, common rail repair and replacement, fuel pump repair and turbo replacement. For our customers in Southport, hybrid car specialist services has merged well with usual services. Our team is made up of professionals and we gave our time and effort to master the hybrid car with consideration to the diesel motor and the battery pack. We feel that we are now full service. We have always prided ourselves on not limiting our services but included cars, trucks, farm and construction equipment in our area of full expertise. It’s only right that we now include hybrid cars which still depend in part on a diesel engine.

Diesel diagnostics uses cutting edge technology to troubleshoot faults by our Hybrid car specialist in Southport just as it is for all other diesel engines. There is still a particulate filter that wreaks havoc if it becomes blocked and a warning light on the dash that dares you to try and find its cause. For common rail fuel system maintenance, we use a clean room to prevent cross contamination. Contact Fuel Injection Services if you are looking for a hybrid car specialist. We promise the same full service, customer consideration and expertise we’ve been known for throughout our years in business. Our parts and labour are guaranteed and so is customer satisfaction. Trust our prices because when we quote a price we mean it as the final price with no surprises.