Fuel Pump Repair in Leigh

Fuel Pump Repair in LeighYou may not be able to avoid a fuel pump repair in Leigh. However, it is safer to make the repair before the pump completely fails. If you wait, your last warning may come while you are in fast traffic with an 8 tonne semi-truck riding your bumper. Your car will simply stop. A fuel pump pumps fuel to the engine. When the fuel shuts off, so does the engine. This scenario could easily end in tragedy. Yet, nobody says, “I think I will go get my fuel pump checked, just to be safe”. They say it about oil levels, tyres and batteries. Dad takes care of all that before family car trips. Most people know the warning signs indicating a problem with oil, tyres and batteries, so those issues get attention.

In Leigh, fuel pump repair or replacement could be needed if you notice certain symptoms. If the car sputters to a start, it is possible the engine is not getting sufficient fuel. A clicking upon start-up may be a sign. Of course, those could be symptoms of other problems such as the fuel pressure regulator or even an obstructed fuel line. The best solution is to bring your car to Fuel Injection Services for a simple test. The technician will attach a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel pressure valve near the engine. He knows what the pressure reading should be for your car. If the gauge shows less pressure, then let him check your fuel pump.

Fuel Injection Services will perform fuel pump repairs in Leigh whenever possible or install a replacement if necessary so you and your family are safe on the road. Fuel Injection Services go far beyond your car’s fuel pump. For fifty years, they have been servicing diesel engines, agriculture equipment, construction and haulage trucks as well as marine boats. Their qualifications and honest dealings with customers have long since been confirmed. Bring in your new turbo charged car or your antique diesel fuelled tractor. Fuel Injection Services technicians have seen it all and can handle it all. Do not put yourself at risk by ignoring your check engine light or symptoms of fuel pump failure. Contact Fuel Injection Services for more information about fuel pump repairs