Expert Fuel Injector Testing in St Helens by Professionals

Fuel Injector Testing in St Helens Identify and locate problems more accurately with our expert  fuel injector testing in St Helens. At Fuel Injection Services, our team can swiftly and accurately diagnose issues with the fuel injector, using the latest technology. Though we were established more than half a century ago, we have ensured that our services remain as contemporary as our customers and vehicles. Automotive technology has undergone dramatic changes across the decades. We have stayed in sync every step of the way. This is what our clients value about us. We invest in people and technology, while ensuring that we offer a combination of traditional customer service and top quality tech assistance.

For motorists in St Helens, fuel injector testing helps to find where the leaks or blocks are in the system. Some injectors may burn out, causing malfunctioning. The injector tester comprises a tank, pump, pressure gauge and a handle. The injector that has to be tested is fitted and when fuel is injected at high pressure. If the reading on the pressure gauge matches the manufacturer specified level, this means the injector is working properly. Otherwise, adjustments have to be made in the timing, or nozzle size. Proper dispersal of fuel must happen through the compressed charge of air inside the cylinder of the engine. This keeps the engine performing at its peak efficiency while keeping pollution in check.

It is important to have fuel injector testing in St Helens done immediately. Once we diagnose the problem, we can conduct the right repairs. Our highly-experienced team can ensure that the job is completed in the least possible time, and at affordable rates. Get in touch with Fuel Injection Services for more information. Fuel injection problems are usually caused by build-up of rust or debris inside the injector. Residue left behind by the heat and action of the injector can also cause blockage. Faulty winding or rust can cause the injector to get stuck closed and unable to deliver fuel through the nozzle. You may notice that your engine misfires, or delivers uneven power, doesn’t give optimum fuel economy or has inconsistent, jerky idling. Some customers also report a strong smell of fuel.