DPF Cleaning in Liverpool

DPF Cleaning in LiverpoolWhat, you may ask, is DPF cleaning in Liverpool? Fuel Injection Services undertakes this important maintenance project on diesel engines. DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. The filter is part of the exhaust system of your diesel vehicle and has the job of filtering out particulate matter from exhaust gases to stop their escape into the environment. Particulate matter comprises many chemicals that, once airborne, are easily breathed in creating a health risk. You can’t see them without a powerful microscope. When the air is thick with particulate matter, you will see a haze in the air which causes respiratory problems for many people.  Driving your diesel vehicle with a clogged filter results in poor performance but also poor gas mileage.

The particles produced by your diesel engine are expelled through the exhaust system so a filter is needed to prevent their pollution of the air. Filters become clogged which causes poor engine performance necessitating, in Liverpool, DPF cleaning. In the past, Fuel Injection Services, solved the particle build up by replacing the filter unit. Some diesel car owners resolved the issue themselves by removing the filter. The exhaust system remained unobstructed, and the vehicle maintained performance and improved gas mileage. Under current environmental protection acts, removing the filter is illegal. It is also socially irresponsible, contributing to pollution of air we all must breathe.

We at Fuel Injection Services has adopted a method of DPF cleaning in Liverpool that will save you money over replacement costs. The process we use is called Xpurge, and it does more than clean the filter; it also refurbishes it to new condition. It is gratifying to see the inspection report we prepare before cleaning showing air flow measurements and then again after Xpurge cleaning. The amount of ash removed is noted and your diesel engine will perform better. The parent company, Ceramex, offers a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. Contact Fuel Injection Services to take advantage of this economical PDF cleaning service. Our company, established for 50 years, is the leading diesel engine experts in the North West.