Common Rail Pump Repairs in Widnes

Common Rail Pump Repairs in WidnesCommon rail pump repairs in Widnes can significantly save you time and money. The common rail pump is used on all diesel engines and through wear and tear can over time become ineffectual. There are a number of ways to dealt with this. You have a choice to have the unit repaired. Our highly qualified technicians can do this if the common rail pump is not severely damaged. This may take time as we are very careful with the workmanship as the pump operates under great pressure. The unit needs to be fully tested by our authorised test equipment. One of the other options is to have a service exchange unit fitted. This is a reconditioned unit and can be fitted fairly quickly. You could also have a factory exchange unit fitted. These units will have you back on the road in a short amount of time.

If your diesel engine is playing up in Widnes, common rail pump repairs might be a solution. If your common rail pump has been badly damaged you may have to replace it with a new unit. We do try however to repair any unit we can. The common rail pump is the unit in the engine that delivers the diesel fuel under high pressure to the engine cylinder in fine micro droplets. This helps burn the fuel efficiently and cleanly. It therefore produces more power and less emissions and it uses less fuel making the vehicle far more cost effective. When the common rail pump wears it is can longer spray the fuel at the pressure required and becomes wasteful, using more fuel than necessary. It also leaves some fuel unburned.

Common rail pump repairs in Widnes need not cost a fortune. Contact Fuel Injection Services today to have our expert technicians measure the efficiency of your vehicles common rail pump. If there is a problem we can solve it and save you on down time. The longer you leave the problem the worse it will get.