Common Rail Injector Repair in Ormskirk

common rail injector repair in OrmskirkWhen you need common rail injector repair in Ormskirk, it’s time to visit Fuel Injection Services. The common rail injector is what turned diesel from a slow, smoke-spewing alternative to gasoline, into the high-speed, efficient competitor that we have today. The common rail injector system’s design allows manufacturers to reduce the amount of engine emissions and engine noise. It works by creating pressure independently from the speed and needs of the engine. This amount of control is what sets these systems apart, since it can determine the exact amount of fuel that’s injected, the time of the injection and the pressure at which the injection will take place. Needless to say, the common rail injector system is what makes a diesel engine tick.

In Ormskirk, common rail injector repair is best done by Fuel Injection Services, a company that was founded in 1959. Over the last 50 years, it has built a reputation for quality service and unmatched customer care. As diesel engines grew in popularity over the years, Fuel Injection Services has managed to stay in a leading position despite strong competitors vying for control of the market. In 1992 the company expanded to a new location, as it continued its dedication to ongoing investment in technology and training.

A common rail injector repair in Ormskirk starts with a full test that will help determine the nature of the problem. You will then be briefed on your options, and once you make your choice, a team of highly trained technicians will start working on the issue, using only first class repair parts and testing equipment. In case a repair option would be too costly, Fuel Injection Services is able to offer new units, factory exchange and service exchange at affordable prices. All factory exchange units and FIS manufactured injectors come with a one year warranty. If you want to tackle a common rail injector problem, contact Fuel Injection Services today.