Common Rail Fuel Systems in Wigan

common rail fuel systems in WiganFor common rail fuel systems in Wigan, speak to the professionals. Fuel injectors are an integral part of a common rail system. They are a direct system for diesel and petrol engines. In diesel engines, a high-pressure fuel rail feeds individual valves. The latest common rail fuel systems now include piezoelectric injectors which increase precision and have higher pressures of up to 3,000 bar. Petrol engines utilise a gasoline direct injection or GDI engine technology.

For car owners in Wigan, common rail fuel systems can be repaired by Fuel Injection Services. We understand how important fuel injectors are to the fuel system. All our services offer full test and re-manufacturing services for all types of fuel system variations. After conducting necessary tests, we will discuss our findings with you and provide recommendations. If necessary, injector manufacturing will be performed by our trained technicians using authorised testing equipment and genuine repair parts. If your fuel system is beyond repair, we can offer you a new unit, factory exchange or a service exchange; all at competitive prices. All of our FIS-manufactured units, including factory exchange units are backed by a one year warranty.

If your vehicle is experiencing issues with fuel, it likely has issues with its common rail fuel systems in Wigan. Contact Fuel Injections Services today for advice about common rail fuel systems. We can assist. Our company has a long established reputation for quality and superior service. We continue to invest in technology and people so that we can keep abreast with the latest developments. This gives us a formidable edge over our competitors. When customers bring their vehicle, we can offer lower fuel consumption, greater fuel efficiency and lowered emissions.