Common Rail Fuel Systems in Leigh

Common Rail Fuel Systems in LeighCommon rail fuel systems in Leigh are used by all modern diesel engine road vehicles. The common rail fuel system allows diesel vehicles to meet emission regulations by making the vehicles more fuel efficient, and with the use of electronics meet the stringent standards imposed by authorities. As the system is used in such a high-performance machine and is controlled by electronics, it must be regularly serviced to ensure that all parts are clean and functioning correctly. If this is not done, the emission standard and fuel efficiency of the vehicle may drop and the engine may not run effectively.

In Leigh, common rail fuel systems must be regularly serviced and we, with over 50 years of experience in service and repair of diesel engines, can ensure that your diesel engine will run smoothly and cleanly. After a service where we will clean and replace necessary parts, your vehicle will be attached to the diagnostics machines to enable our highly trained technicians to calibrate the fuel system to make sure that the fuel injectors are delivering the correct amount of fuel in the right pattern into the engine.

Common rail fuel systems in Leigh can break down when they need new injectors or other parts. We can offer a cost effective service of reconditioned parts to replace worn items. During the service we will identify the parts that need replacing and confer with you as to replacement with new, reconditioned or, if possible, we will repair the unit. Electronics are mostly made in sealed units and can often not be repaired but need to be replaced by a new unit. The very sophisticated diagnostic machines will alert the technician to any aberrations in the smooth running of the engine and will identify the unit that is faulty allowing a fast and accurate replacement of parts. Having your vehicle off the road costs you time and money so we endeavour to have you back on the road in as short a time as possible. For common rail fuel systems, contact Fuel Injection Services.