Car Servicing in Ormskirk, Affordable and Professional

car servicing in OrmskirkCar servicing in Ormskirk by Fuel Injection Services gives our customers what they want; greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions and smooth performance. We have been meeting their diesel maintenance and service needs since 1959. They know we’re looking out for them by bringing the latest in technology and highly trained technicians to attend their diesel engines. At the same time, we’ve got history so if you have a classic car, we know how to keep it on the road. During the last 50 years we have built and maintained an enviable reputation throughout the North West. We are delighted that the market for diesel-powered vehicles has continued to grow, not just in work trucks but also family and luxury cars.

At Fuel Injection Services, we service diesel-fuelled vehicles according to manufacturer recommendations using Bosch and Delphi parts that are true OE components. In Ormskirk, car servicing using OE parts means they are truly the same as originally used by the manufacturer. Your diesel-powered vehicle deserves servicing by specialists in diesel diagnostics. We offer that specialised service for fuel injectors, diesel particulate filters, common rail and common rail pump repair. We are not so quick to replace pumps and injectors. Our team has great success with guaranteed repairs our customers can depend on. When we can make the repairs instead of replacement, we save our customers money.

An increasing car servicing in Ormskirk request is turbo replacement. The turbo charger, fitted on most diesel engines, may need to be replaced. Instead of sacrificing power for clean emissions, the turbo makes it possible to have both. Your turbo should last 100,000 miles or with conscientious servicing up to 150,000. It’s now common to keep vehicles on the road for 200,000 miles, which is why we see the increase in demand. We can replace your turbo with a new one or a guaranteed remanufactured turbo. Of course, the remanufactured turbo will save you money.  Contact Fuel Injection Services and schedule your car or truck in for servicing by diesel specialists. We guarantee our workmanship and it’s likely we can save you money.