Professional and Affordable Car Servicing in Newburgh

Car Servicing in NewburghFuel Injection Services offers car servicing in Newburgh for all makes and models of vehicles. Regular maintenance and repair is required for your car to perform efficiently, avoid or minimise costly repairs and extend the life of your engine. Our professional techs are highly trained to undertake that responsibility using the latest technology and original equipment (OE) parts.  It’s important for our customers to understand the difference between OE parts and OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. The short answer is price. We don’t buy the original equipment parts from the manufacturer. Instead we buy original equipment parts from a parts manufacturer who contracts to produce parts according to original design.

We use Bosch and Delphi which is the same as parts from the car manufacturer. In Newburgh, car servicing using these parts is usually less expensive. We do not however, use aftermarket parts. Our standard and frequency of service is the same as that recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Who else would know best? Other vehicle services includes common rail and fuel pump repair. Injector repair, which is an essential component of the common rail system is carried out by our technicians as well as fuel pump repair and turbo replacement. Our team has the expertise and experience but they also have the right equipment to carry out these specialised services.  At Fuel Injection Services, we invest in cutting edge equipment and technology to better serve our customers.

If you are looking for car servicing in Newburgh for your vehicle, even your hybrid, we are the specialists at Fuel Injection Services. We have been established for 50 years and proud to be recognised as experts for modern diesel powered vehicles. Contact Fuel Injection Services and schedule your vehicle for service with our team. If you are looking for better performance and fuel efficiency, then regular maintenance is the solution. Our skilled staff can carry out the necessary services exactly to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Our diagnostic equipment is always up to date. Ongoing training to stay equipped for the latest trends will allow us to continue to lead and serve for the next 50 years.