DPF Filter in Parbold

DPF filter in ParboldA DPF filter in Parbold has to be working properly because it is a device that removes dirt or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine vehicle. The DPF needs to be cleared often, a process which is known as re-generation. Some car owners try to follow the manufacturer’s handbook to unblock the DPF but in frustration turn to us at Fuel Injection Services. We keep up to date with technology and this ensures we know how to service even modern diesel engines. Our customers are always looking for ways that will ensure lower fuel consumption, further mileage and lower emissions. They want us to help them with this, and we can. We have years of experience, as we started our business in 1959. Our excellent reputation is maintained because of our ongoing quality services.

For your diesel engine in Parbold, a DPF filter that requires attention needs an expert to look it over. We know how DPF cleaning can help with reducing fuel consumption and how it can also make your DPF last longer. We highly recommend DPF cleaning to ensure your diesel engine is in tip top running order. In the past, DPF blockages have meant that the entire unit would have to be replaced. We are happy to provide an alternative. Working in collaboration with Ceramex, we use the Xpurge process. Not only does this clean DPF filters, it also restores them to ‘as new’ levels of cleanliness.

A DPF filter in Parbold needs to be maintained to ensure excellent engine performance. Our experience has taught us many reasons why the DPF blocks. We know that the quality of the fuel and oil, the location of the DPF in the exhaust system and the rate of particulates generated by the engine can all play a part in contributing to the filter blocking. Contact fuel Injection Services today if you would like more information about the DPF filter in your vehicle. As we are the North West’s leading diesel specialist, it makes perfect sense to bring your vehicle to us.