DPF Cleaning in Ormskirk

DPF cleaning in OrmskirkDiesel particulate filter or DPF cleaning in Ormskirk is essential to the well being of your vehicle. The emission problem has become serious in most large towns and cities and the law is desperate to enforce emission control. Part of the problem is that some DPFs only self clean when the vehicle reaches a high speed and driving around a congested area does not allow the vehicle to reach this speed. One solution is to take the vehicle on the open road and give it a good run. This however is not very convenient when the vehicle needs to be working. Our workshop can have the DPF cleaned and working efficiently in no time at all and with no waste of fuel.

A diesel vehicle needs to have the soot removed from the exhaust gas of the engine. In Ormskirk, DPF cleaning is done to remove the residual matter from the filter. This should be done regularly by a professional as some of the filters are very delicate and if damaged will need to be replace by a new filter. This could be an expensive exercise so it pays to have an expert do it. The soot that collects in the filter is the remnants of the fuel that has been burnt in the engine. Some of the particles are extremely tiny and if they get into the air cause terrible pollution and can damage people’s health.

We offer DPF cleaning in Ormskirk for all diesel vehicles. Contact Fuel Injection Services today and book your vehicle in for a maintenance service. Fuel Injection Services has been in operation since 1959 and is still going strong. We have built up an enviable reputation over the years as one of the best diesel workshops around. Diesel cars have become extremely popular and our highly trained technicians will make sure they are in tip top shape and running perfectly. Modern diesel engines are fast and strong and we strive to lower fuel consumption and emissions. We are constantly using the latest technology to improve our service.