Diesel Diagnostics in Rufford by a Specialist Diesel Garage

Diesel Diagnostics in Rufford Diesel diagnostics in Rufford are specific to diesel engines just as petrol diagnostics are specific to petrol burning engines. Since they are both internal combustion engines, they work pretty much the same.  The difference is in how those multiple small explosions in the combustion engine work. Petrol engines use spark plugs to ignite and diesel uses heat compression. We’re the leading diesel specialist.  We have over 50 years of experience servicing, maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding diesel engines. We’re specialists because diesel engines are where we chose to focus our expertise, training, continuing education and specialised diagnostic equipment. 

Our experience extends to any diesel engine used in a moving vehicle. In Rufford, diesel diagnostics help us locate and identify trouble areas of your engine. Knowledge and experience tells us how to make the repair and maintain a vehicle to help prevent the need for future repairs. Dash lights come on when somethings gone amiss with your vehicle operation. The lights aren’t really specific, but if you respond to them quickly, and bring your car to us you will likely prevent serious and expensive damage. Diagnostics designed specifically for diesel engines enable us to quickly identify the location and troubleshoot  the problem. That’s the best way to keep the problem small and prevent damage to other engine parts.

Diesel diagnostics are not a replacement for working knowledge of your engine. However, since your engine is now a computer, diagnostics backed with the support of diesel manufacturers save us a lot of time. In decades past, it was not unusual for a mechanic to keep a car sitting around for days, trying to figure out the exact problem. Today’s vehicles have a lot of parts that are not moving but electronic. Some are small and we can’t always see them at work. Contact us for service and repair of your diesel engine. We maintain a clean operation to avoid cross fuel contamination. We provide you with a quote that identifies the problem, the type and cost of the repair. No work is carried out without your express permission. You will find our prices are competitive and our facility exceptional.