Common Rail Pump Repair in Leigh

Common Rail Pump Repair in LeighCommon rail pump repair in Leigh is done by qualified technicians at Fuel Injection Services.  Rail pumps are found on almost all modern cars and commercial transport. Common rail direct fuel injection systems come in a wide variety of sizes for both petrol and diesel vehicles and are used for high-pressure feeding to individual solenoid valves. Because the units are electronic rather than mechanical, for absolute precision in fuel atomisation you need expert technicians to work on the rail pumps. Common rail test benches are used with highly specialised tools. We also have state of the art electronic machines to calibrate the pump once it has been repaired. A routine service is commonly advocated and will keep your vehicle fuel efficient and running smoothly.

In Leigh, common rail pump repair can easily be undertaken by us. We service all the fuel injection system parts including plungers and delivery valves. Since most parts are electronic we have varied array of sophisticated and modern test equipment. We can service petrol or diesel injectors as well as repairing the pump and testing the electronic control unit. Our experienced technicians will be able to quickly and accurately assess the problem. Our spares department have most of the pump repair kits required. Once the fuel injectors have been checked and cleaned and are carefully calibrated for maximum efficiency the pump is reassembled using the new parts and the unit is then tested and fine calibrations can take place.

Common rail pump repair in Leigh is very specialised and once the pump and injectors have been tested they are refitted carefully in your vehicle as once calibrated they need delicate treatment. Your vehicle will be test run to make sure that the system is in perfect working order. Should some of the parts of the fuel system be irreparable we have a stock of refurbished units which are far less costly than replacement with a new system. For more information on common rail pump repair, contact Fuel Injection Services.