Car Servicing in Rufford, Carried Out By Experienced Technicians

Car Servicing in RuffordCar servicing in Rufford should be carried out by experienced technicians. It’s best to choose a service garage that specialises in features specific to your vehicle. For instance, if your engine runs on diesel fuel instead of petrol, then Fuel Injection Services is where you will find expert specialists to service your diesel vehicle. Our diesel powered vehicle service history dates back to 1959 with our establishment. Diesel expertise and personal customer service resulted in rapid growth of our customer base. As automotive and particularly diesel fuelled technology advanced, we invested time and money to stay out front with the latest innovations. That continues as our technicians participate in ongoing technology training as it’s introduced. Our equipment is updated regularly as needed.

We stay alert for beneficial technology updates that impact our customers. When in Rufford, car servicing with us is where you’ll learn about new ways the automotive industry is working to lower emissions and gain greater fuel efficiency for diesel engines. The common rail fuel system found in most diesel fuelled cars has met efficiency standards. The components which include the fuel pump and injectors need to be checked at service appointments for maintenance and any repairs. Your diesel engine likely has a turbo unit. We check that for efficient performance and carry out any repairs or replacements. For greatest performance and efficiency, all components of the common rail fuel system must be clean to operate as intended.

We have access to the latest in diagnostic equipment for car servicing in Rufford. Diagnostics shorten the time we spend troubleshooting a problem. We can quickly address issues. Occasionally a diesel particulate filter needs to be regenerated and we’re equipped to do that. We at Fuel Injection Services are specialists in the functions of the diesel engine. We offer competitively priced service packages to our customers which target the primary functions of your car. In between regularly scheduled service, contact Fuel Injection Services for any suspect issues or if your engine warning light alerts you. Let us use our expertise to keep your diesel engine operating at peak performance for many years to come.